Kevin Kavanagh Gallery

In her first solo show Cora Cummins presents a body of work based on the landscape. Employing a muted palette of tones and simplified forms, Cora seeks to evoke ideas of space and transience.

The images are inspired by a range of landscapes: her home county of Carlow as well as Co. Wicklow; Carlingford, Co. Louth; Clare Island, Co, Mayo and the North Norfolk Coastline in England.

Coras approach to these various terrain is influenced by the experience of travelling ‘through, to and from’, catching transient snapshot glances. In recording such fleeting impressions, she endeavours to create ethereal and atmospheric works which have an almost haunting impact a pared down landscape, to capture an essence of a place.

She seeks to give the viewer a parallel experience of ‘place’. While the prints are based on specific locations, she is not interested in geographic or topographic accuracy. Its more about conveying mood & qualities that provoke the viewers reflection on their own significant inner landscapes and sense of place, origin, belonging or dislocation.